Cancer is the most feared disease worldwide. It is the only killer disease in America. Diseases like heart disease are normally a result of a weak heart, cholesterol and smoking but for cancer, despite some genetic links, will strike at any time when you least expect it without giving you any warning.
By learning more and understanding cancer and the different types of cancer there is, you will become more educated and vigilant before it takes a hold of you and you can therefore protect yourself.

Below are the biggest cancer killersĀ in America:

1. Breast Cancer – this type of cancer is responsible for 8% of the cancer related deaths. It affects the tissues of breasts and affects women and also men though it is more likely to affect women. The treatment is normally surgical, though you can go through hormonal therapy, chemotherapy and radiation. The most common symptom is a lump which may feel different from the other breast and these helps identify over 80% of the cases. Other signs include change in size, shape of the nipple or breast. Small white spots is also another sign. Mothers who have children and also breast feed are less likely to develop this type of cancer. Smoking and also drinking can increase the risk of getting it.

2. Prostate Cancer – it develops in the prostate tissue. It is found in the male reproductive system which stores alkaline fluid that is milky and gives semen its color and also helps it during ejaculation. The symptoms include difficulty in urinating and ejaculating, pain, blood in urine etc. Though they might not be seen until the last stages, genetics and diet can increase the risk of getting it. The primary treatments are normally radiation, proton therapy and radio surgery and also chemotherapy.

3. Lung cancer – it has been responsible for more than 2 million deaths over the years and it is characterized by cell growth in lung tissues. It is crucial to look out for its symptoms which include coughing blood, wheezing, chest pain, weight loss etc. The common treatment are radiotherapy, chemotherapy. The main cause of lung cancer is smoking which has also accounted for more than 20% of cases of lung cancer. Pollution also and radon gas can also increase the risk of getting lung cancer.

While these may be the top killer cancers, other related cancer deaths include ovarian cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer and brain cancer. All these combined account for 60% of all cancer deaths.

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